The Feel Good
Not Bad
Death Laser

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Formed in 2015, The Feel Good Not Bad Death Laser is a self-formed LA-based team that came together out of a shared love of The Deconstruction, a form created by Del Close and The Family (Adam McKay, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Ali Farahnakian, Neil Flynn, Miles Stroth).

Created as an alternative to the ever-present Harold, The Deconstruction takes a meaty, often dramatic narrative and breaks it down thematically through absurdity, satire, and play. The form was met with great response, making it a part of the iconic “Three Mad Rituals” and “Dynamite Fun Nest” runs before becoming a bona fide standalone piece at improv houses across the country. While some performers find the form intimidating, others cherish it for exactly that reason.

Coached by Chris Alvarado (HeyDay), The Feel Good Not Bad Death Laser is beyond proud to continually demonstrate this challenge, and the beautiful payoff, throughout the LA area, and beyond.