Musical! The Musical!

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Full of song, dance, and irony, the musical improv comedy troupe, MUSICAL! THE MUSICAL! promises you a show you'll never forget. With trained singers ranging across the vocal scale, we use every tool at our disposal to create the closest thing to a Broadway musical as we can get. Yes, that means there's a hero and villain. Yes, that means the sidekick maybe the one to save the day. Yes, that means jazz squares.

Our long-form improv format allows us to explore the depths of the world we begin to create with you, with no part of the story left untouched – rather it be a fifteen, thirty, or full hour set. This creates an incredibly fulfilling experience, complemented with fun physicality, complex harmonies, and many dramatic emotions. There will be laughs; there could also be tears. But no matter what, we want you there for the magical, and musical, ride. We are Musical! The Musical!


MUSICAL! THE MUSICAL! is a Los Angeles-based musical improv comedy troupe that has been together for our five years. They currently have a bi-weekly residency show at iOWest off Hollywood Boulevard and have been performing consistently at that venue for nearly two years.

Together, they have been featured and have toured all around the country for comedy festivals, including the Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival, San Francisco Improv Comedy Festival, San Diego Improv Comedy Festival, Antelope Valley Comedy Festival, Chicago Improv Comedy Festival, Big Fire Comedy Festival, Ventura Improv Comedy Festival, Big Pine Comedy Festival, and more.

The cast is:

Carlie Craig
Gabe Greenspan
Alison Tafel
Jessica Poter
Andrea Apuy
Kelly D'Angelo
Matt Harbert
Rachel Borders
Leah McCormick
Angie Engelbert
Andrew Paulsen
Paul Green


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