808: Hip Hop IMprov

808 Hip Hop Improv.png

808 is LA's finest Long Form Hip Hop Improv Group! You make up an album title, we turn it into a one time only show you'll never forget! *Reggae Horns*

808 Hip Hop Improv is:

Andy Apuy
Mike Besaw
Sam Epstein
Shaun Fisher
Jay Hoskins
Natasha Lloyd
Sean Will


Baby Wine L.A.

Baby Wine LA.jpg

Baby Wine L.A. is a team of diverse queer identifying performers with a mission to showcase the marginalized voices in our city. Our improv is fast, silly and most importantly, inclusive.

Baby Wine L.A. is:
Peter Kim
Eric Lewis-Baker
Bente Engelstoft
Travis Coles
Zack Colonna
John Loos
Bri Giger
Debbie Fry
Andy Eninger


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The Chaperones


The Chaperones are all improvisers who happen to be over 40. They perform their original form inspired by the string of pearls opening. The audience is drawn in by grounded scenes followed by controlled chaos and references from way back when. Coached by Bill Chott. 

The Chaperones are:
Bill Jackson
Mia Altieri
David Fleischer
Molly Oleary
Leon Nixon
Elliott Mayer
Chad Shapiro
Andrew Morrison


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Dr. God

Dr God.jpg

Dr. God is a Los Angeles based comedy group that develops content for film and television, in addition to performing live all across the country.  They recently finished their first feature film, BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS, and they are currently producing the television series MOCKpocalypse for AXSTV. Individually or as a group, Dr. God has created content for Relativity Media, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Fox, Imagine Television, Warner Brothers, Disney Channel, Playboy TV, National Lampoon, TV Guide Network, IFC, AMC, CNN and many other impressive names that we just can’t remember right now.  Additionally, as performers they have appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, Vh1, G4, The Reelz Channel, Playboy TV and innumerable web channels. 

Dr. God performs their unique brand of improvisational comedy every other Saturday night in Los Angeles.  They’ve performed at festivals and theaters all across the country including Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix, Austin, New York, and Montreal (yes, we know that Montreal’s not in the country).  They also do the Dr. God Revival once a month with celebrity guests who deliver monologues as inspiration for the improv.

They love you very much.


ESL - The Improv Team that Don't Speak Good English


ESL (English as Second Language) features an assortment of improvisors from 4 corners of the world. In 2015, ESL competed in the 13th Annual Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival cage match and became the champion. Despite their poor English skills, ESL always brings highly entertaining, coherently chaotic, exotically familiar shows to theaters near you!!


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The Feel Good
Not Bad
Death Laser

Team Photo with Logo.png

Formed in 2015, The Feel Good Not Bad Death Laser is a self-formed LA-based team that came together out of a shared love of The Deconstruction, a form created by Del Close and The Family (Adam McKay, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Ali Farahnakian, Neil Flynn, Miles Stroth).

Created as an alternative to the ever-present Harold, The Deconstruction takes a meaty, often dramatic narrative and breaks it down thematically through absurdity, satire, and play. The form was met with great response, making it a part of the iconic “Three Mad Rituals” and “Dynamite Fun Nest” runs before becoming a bona fide standalone piece at improv houses across the country. While some performers find the form intimidating, others cherish it for exactly that reason.

Coached by Chris Alvarado (HeyDay), The Feel Good Not Bad Death Laser is beyond proud to continually demonstrate this challenge, and the beautiful payoff, throughout the LA area, and beyond.




Gawds is the combination of Monika Smith and Michael Garcia, 2 veteran improvisors that believe in grounded, relationship based comedy and the non-existence of a higher being. Their shows are both laugh out loud funny and at the same time really sweet or sad, just like life.


Harvey Milk Mustache

Harvey Milk Mustache.jpg

Harvey Milk Mustache is an improv group with gay tendencies. Join us on a frothy frolic in comic fabulousness. 

Harvey Milk Mustache is:
Blake Wilding
Eric Chad Ho
Michael Tomasetti
Donzell Lewis
Judson Winkles.


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Improv in Spanish,Laughs in English.

Heraldo is a Spanish improvised comedy show based out of the iO Theater in Chicago which specializes in heightened physical and emotional comedy for all.


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Heyday is a long-form improv team comprised of veteran improvisers. Collectively they have taught and performed at iO Chicago, iO West, Second City LA, Second City Chicago, Second City Detroit, The Annoyance, UCB, The Groundlings, Westside Comedy Theater, and the list goes on. They perform their signature form, “The Hey-rold,” aka “The Vertical Harold” which they developed with their coach, Karen Graci. 


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Landry & Summers


Shaun Landry and Hans Summers is the comedy duo Landry & Summers. They are not only skilled improvisers working together creating improvisational and sketch comedy since 1986. Both founding members of Oui Be Negroes

They perform improvised scenes from your suggestions and sketch comedy from their heads. They also teach improvisational and sketch comedy nationally. Shaun is a faculty improv teacher at The Pack Theater and both Landry & Summers produce The Seniors: Improv with Improvisers over The age of 50 at The Pack Theater

Landry and Summers have been doing (Great Improv) for years. They Be Professionals – The Chicago Reader


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Linoleum City

Linoleum City 2.jpg

Formed as a Mainstage Harold team at IO West, Linoleum City is a fact-paced and way-too-touchy team of comedy veterans. The cast includes Katie McDermott, Ken Breese, Jessica Uhlir, Walt Delaney, Claudio Saavedra, Erin Lann, Genetra Tull, and Ryan Coil. LC performs most regularly at the Clubhouse and with Revolution Theater and Southland Comedy.


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A fondue of seasoned Los Angeles lady improvisers. Doing bits and pieces.


Man vs. Movie

Man vs Movie.jpg

Paul Vaillancourt is the founder of RevolutionTheater and has been teaching and performing improv for over 20 years. In that time he has appeared all over the country including such notable venues as HBO’s Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Chicago’s iO (where he studied with the immortal Del Close), New York’s UCB Theater, and the iO West here in Los Angeles. Paul has also had success as an actor and writer lending his acting, writing and producing talents to a score of shows for MTV, VH1, USA, Oxygen, Bravo, AMC and History Channel.

In Man vs Movie (The World’s ONLY One-Man Improvised Movie) veteran improviser Paul Vaillancourt uses a single suggestion of a line of poetry or a lyric of a song as a jumping off point to improvise an entire feature film right before your very eyes including everything you’d see in a Hollywood blockbuster - characters, plot, camera angles and special effects! It’s a one of kind show brought to you exclusively at Revolution Theater.




An award-winning Harold team built at iO West, MAX has a lot of history and a ton of talent. 

MAX is:
Drew Coolidge
Marina Mastros
Frank Moran
Dean Sharpe
Dustin Sterling
Dan Torson
Justin Uretz
Lauren Van Kurin


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Miss Golightly

Miss Golightly.jpg


Hosts of Happy Hour at UCB Inner Sanctum, Miss Golightly is an all Asian-male team that gets a bit earnest before diving into some quick sillies!

Miss Golightly is coached by Sarah Claspell and features:
Vince Yap
Jed Alcantara
Weikei Yu
Will Choi
Terry Huang
Tony Garbanzos
Geo Lee


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Musical! The Musical!

Musical The Musical.jpg


Full of song, dance, and irony, the musical improv comedy troupe, MUSICAL! THE MUSICAL! promises you a show you'll never forget. With trained singers ranging across the vocal scale, we use every tool at our disposal to create the closest thing to a Broadway musical as we can get. Yes, that means there's a hero and villain. Yes, that means the sidekick maybe the one to save the day. Yes, that means jazz squares.

Our long-form improv format allows us to explore the depths of the world we begin to create with you, with no part of the story left untouched – rather it be a fifteen, thirty, or full hour set. This creates an incredibly fulfilling experience, complemented with fun physicality, complex harmonies, and many dramatic emotions. There will be laughs; there could also be tears. But no matter what, we want you there for the magical, and musical, ride. We are Musical! The Musical!


MUSICAL! THE MUSICAL! is a Los Angeles-based musical improv comedy troupe that has been together for our five years. They currently have a bi-weekly residency show at iOWest off Hollywood Boulevard and have been performing consistently at that venue for nearly two years.

Together, they have been featured and have toured all around the country for comedy festivals, including the Los Angeles Improv Comedy Festival, San Francisco Improv Comedy Festival, San Diego Improv Comedy Festival, Antelope Valley Comedy Festival, Chicago Improv Comedy Festival, Big Fire Comedy Festival, Ventura Improv Comedy Festival, Big Pine Comedy Festival, and more.

The cast is:

Carlie Craig
Gabe Greenspan
Alison Tafel
Jessica Poter
Andrea Apuy
Kelly D'Angelo
Matt Harbert
Rachel Borders
Leah McCormick
Angie Engelbert
Andrew Paulsen
Paul Green


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Opening Night:
The Improvised Musical

Opening Night.jpg

OPENING NIGHT: THE IMPROVISED MUSICAL! is exactly that - a Broadway- style musical that is made up on the spot, based on audience suggestion. Therefore, every night is the `Opening Night’ of a musical that has never been seen! Sadly, it is also the closing night, but closing night sounds so very final. And not even this cast can withstand the damage done by weekly wrap parties. Every show, whether a mind- numbing rock opera or a tap-dancing Phantom-filled fiesta, is a completely unique experience!

Based in Hollywood, California, the Opening Night cast combines Chicago and Los Angeles improv with the Broadway stylings of Rodgers & Hammerstein, Gilbert & Sullivan, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Bob Fosse and Edith Head. Occasionally, they borrow the helicopter from Ms. Saigon. They usually give it back.

ON has performed at various festivals, comedy clubs, charity events and corporate road shows for almost two decades!




Pockets is a former iO West Main Stage Harold team. Every show ebbs and flows in its rhythm, weaving together different scenes and themes into one hilarious and action-packed piece. Coached by Holly Laurent (The Reckoning). Winner of Best Harold Team at the 2017 iO West Del Close Awards.

Pockets is:
Bente Engelstoft
Brian Robel
David Danipour
Debbie Fry
Kyle Peterson
Lauren Robertson
Macklen Makhloghi
Matthew Gardner
Xchel Hernandez


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The REsistance

The Resistance.png

The Resistance is a completely improvised action movie performed live on stage. The audience picks the genre (which have included Buddy CopGive Me Back My Family and Paranormal) and give The Resistance their favorite tropes from the films. Then the men bring to a life a fully-fledged action comedy movie, complete with plot twists, dramatic monologues, and of course, intense fight sequences.

To learn more, check out their mini-documentary:



Ripley - Dystopia.jpg

Daring actors improvising artful, long-form narrative about women who save the day, save the world, or save each other. Through bold and playful ensemble storytelling, Ripley seeks to inspire audiences to embrace the hero within.

Madi Goff
Laurie Jones
Kelly Lohman
Sara Mountjoy-Pepka
Aliza Pearl
Amanda Troop
Jessica Lynn Verdi

Technical Director:
Emily Rose Jacobson



Shrew - Improvised Shakespeare.png

The bold women of Shrew weave hilarious and heartfelt tales in the style of William Shakespeare. They are a Green Show favorite at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where they’ve performed (as Chickspeare LA) since 2011. They’ve also appeared at the The Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, the LA Improv Festival, West Coast tours and summers in Los Angeles for the past 7 years. 

The Shrews:
Jennifer Bascom
Gale Brennan
Jennifer Flack
Kelly Holden Bashar
Lauren Pritchard
Paige Tierney
Violinist Rebecca Ward 


Slave Leia

Slave Leia.jpg

Slave Leia is a 4-woman, Jedi-positive improv group from Los Angeles. Our members trained at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, IO West and The Groundlings. Slave Leia performed at the LA Comedy Festival, Sarasota Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon, Sonoma Laughfest and San Francisco Improv Festival and Women! Comedy! Festival! We have powerful friends.

Ripley is made up of:
Gina Ippolito
Haley Mancini
Jessica Rona
Lesley Tsina


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The Village Bicycle

Village Bicycle.JPG

The Village Bicycle is a group of veteran female improvisers formerly of iOWest, now citizens of the world. Collectively they’ve been improvising for 1,200 years, yet they could easily play late early/mid-20’s in your webseries.








Wheelhouse is a Harold team that was founded at iO West in 2014. The team performs Harolds driven by explosive ensemble work, organic musical numbers, and characters who hijack shows in the most entertaining way. The current lineup consists of Nate Ballard, Erik Voss, Nicole Pellegrino, Darius De La Cruz, Maggie Fish, Charlie Mohl, along with past members and sometimes sit-ins Jackie Durruthy, Colleen Doyle, Justin Michael Terry, Eddie Mujica, Bex Marsh, and others.


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Wretched Hive

Wretched Hive 1.jpg

Wretched Improv is an improv troupe of fanboy/fangirls raised on the blue milk of Sci Fi parents and nurtured in the Comic Con forests. 


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