The Philosophy of Revolution Theater


Revolution Theater is based on the idea that the heart of great comedic improvisation is relationship-based, game-driven scenes about two people relating to each other in the moment. We believe building those relationships will give birth to premises, jokes and plots that will be in service to something with greater substance than just trying to get a laugh.


The Mission of Revolution THeater




The mission of Revolution Theater is to create and maintain a safe, diverse, rigorous and vibrant community of artists committed to:  

  1. Improving ourselves as artists by:
    1. Engaging in professional level training
    2. Collaborating with each other in order to challenge ourselves and our creations
    3. Supporting our fellow artists while at the same time challenging them (and ourselves) to do our best
    4. Keeping in mind that good enough is not good enough
  2. Improving our art by:
    1. Challenging the current state of improv by finding new and different ways to use improvisation
    2. Treating the art and our fellow artists with respect
    3. Arriving at classes, rehearsals and shows on time and ready to do our best
    4. Striving to make each show a great show not “great…for an improv show” - an improvised show that can stand shoulder to shoulder with a written show
  3. Improving ourselves as people by:
    1. Challenging ourselves to move out of our comfort zones
    2. Applying the spirit of improv to our daily lives
    3. Supporting our fellow artists and people on and off stage


Paul Vaillancourt a writer, actor, director, producer and most of all improvisor who has been teaching and performing improv across the country for more than 25 years. He saw his first improv show in college and knew instantly that was what he was meant to do. He is a graduate of the ComedySportz Training Program in Virginia, the Second City Training Center in Chicago as well as the ImprovOlympic in Chicago where he had the rare opportunity to study under the legendary Del Close. In 1997 Paul moved to Los Angeles and founded the iO West, where he was a popular teacher and performer for over 20 years. After the demise of the iO West, Paul founded REVOLUTION THEATER so that he could continue to share his love of improvisation.

During his time in Hollywood Paul has become a sought after improv coach, producer, writer and consultant working with TV networks such as Fox, MTV, VH1, Oxygen, History and Bravo. Recently, he also authored, “The Triangle of the Scene: a simple, practical, powerful method for approaching improvisation,” which is available on Amazon. He is also the creator and host of “Improv Tips” on his YouTube channel PVImprov. Currently, Paul is performing Man vs. Movie (the world’s only one-man improvised movie).